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We are thrilled that you have decided to parent from a place of strength and positivity.

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Monthly meeting with other Lead Moms to discuss how to balance business and family. We will review the pillars and make sure that all Lead moms feel equipped for the month. 

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A treasure trove of resources ready for you to explore and take advantage of. Discover short videos, insightful PDFs, and engaging exercises designed to help you cultivate enduring positive parenting habits. The lounge is a warm and inviting space for you to connect and form meaningful relationships. 

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Building a successful connected family takes more than just a simple course. It takes hard work, practice, and accountability to experience real TRANSFORMATION.

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Stay focused and connected to what makes you unique.  Create vision, values and goals to guide your family.

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Unlock Potential

Push through Mom guilt and other barriers to reach your full potential.

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Decrease conflict with spouse, kids, and family. Understand emotions, consider new ideas, change our behavior and let go of past hurt.

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Network with other liked-minded Moms balancing work and family

Mother and Daughter Love


Increase connection and positivity in the home, as well as with your community, friends, and co-workers.

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Experience a sense of accomplishment and achieve your goals. It is never too late!

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